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Day 129: Penang Hill, One of Penang’s Most Attraction Places

Day 129:  Getting to the top of Penang Hill.

Day 129: Getting to the top of Penang Hill.

On the way to Penang Hill, we were told by our taxi driver it was “one of Penang’s most attraction places”. I love how most Malaysians speak English. It may be a bit on the incorrect side at times, but it sure does make getting around a whole lot more enjoyable.

Our main goal was to make it to the top of Penang Hill to watch the sun set over the city, and that was an interesting sunset if I do say so myself.

penang hill train

To get to the top of the hill, you can walk, which would take like 3 hours and was therefore quickly removed from the options at that point. We decided on the train even though it cost us, foreigners, 30 ringgit while it only costs locals a mere 8. The 10 minute ride to the top was laden with jungly bush, brilliant views and even a dinosaur chasing Bambi (I kid you not).

penang hill in the train

penang hill tracks

penang hill view from top

Unfortunately, there’s not much to do at the top except for walk around, eat a snack or check out some temples. It did seem to take forever to get that sunset going, but on the positive side, the air is much cooler at the top of the hill.

penang hill temple

penang hill statues

Another bad part is the fact that vantage points for the sunset are seriously lacking. We were forced to hang out next to a bunch of construction work in order to see it properly set, and even then it was behind a wall of smog thick in the air that night.

penang hill vantage point

Luckily, the sunset was pretty and unique; the atmosphere was further set by the sounds of the jungle coming alive as night approached. All in all, good choice on things to do in Penang.

penang hill sunset 2

penang hill sunset 3


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  1. Rebecca May 12, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    Nice – very attraction!

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