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I’m new to this site. How did this all start?

If you’re new and don’t feel like reading through all the posts from start to finish, there is a condensed version of the story of Brooke vs. the World you can peruse.

In short, I jetted off to Spain for a month in 2007 to pretend I was an archaeologist, followed by a jaunt to Central America, which then led me to heading to Kyrgyzstan, the Baltics (where I met my now Aussie boyfriend), Ukraine and finally Australia. I now reside in Australia, but have since traveled to New Zealand (twice), Malaysia and the USA. I’ll be heading to Kyrgyzstan again later this year! Read more in the About BvtW page.

What are your plans?

My plans are simply to travel around the world as I have been dreaming about for so long. During my journey, I may decide to stick around a place if I love it, take up a job, or even go home if necessary (why not?). One thing is for sure, I want this to be a learning experience – about cultures, history, languages, and myself.

Where are you planning to travel by yourself?

Anywhere and everywhere that my partner can’t join me — although my goal is so that we can eventually travel everywhere together! In the meantime, I am taking short trips whenever possible.

How do you have all this money to travel?

Work, work, work and save. I lived well below my means for over a year and put all the extras into savings before initially setting off. In addition, I picked up part-time jobs, canceled cable, opened a couple of CD’s, sold my car, worked overtime, and so much more! Yes, I’ve done everything from scoring essays at home, signing up for surveys, mystery shopping, affiliate marketing, ebaying, amazoning, to anything that puts money in my account. No, it wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

I work now as a freelance writer, which obviously doesn’t pay the best, so I have to continue living a thrifty and frugal life to make my travels a reality.

A bus leaves Sydney going west at 100kph. A bus leaves Perth going 60kph…

Thanks, Nick, for the wonderful question. I believe the answer is: Google it.

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