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Day 232: Rain Loves Us

Day 232: A Little Wine with that Rain

Day 232: A Little Wine with that Rain

About a year ago now, Pat and I went for a little road trip in a Jucy Campervan to Sydney’s south coast area and surrounds. It was just about a week of fun together, or at least that’s how we planned it. The sun was going to be shining, Pat would hop out and fish from time to time, and I’d get loads of stuff ticked off my Australia to-do list. We had high hopes, but…

Of course, the rain and wind had other plans for us. That was the week that Sydney’s south coast was hit with a wind storm (gale force mind you) so strong that we actually saw a truck and trailor that was flipped on the road. Road signs were blown sideways, rubble lined streets and the whistling wind rocked us to sleep at night in our campervan. In other words: It was awful, and friggin’ cold. Along with the wind came downpours of rain and hail and fog so thick it nearly stopped us in our tracks. The holiday we had planned turned into an event of hanging out in cafes and booking a couple of hotels to escape the freezing cold.

About a half year before that, we drove out to the outback of New South Wales. It almost feels like an oxy-moron to say this, but it rained during our drive to the outback. Yep, TO the outback, we had a wet drive, at least a large part of the way. Of course, it was quite dry once we got out to Broken Hill, but it just figured that a large part of our journey in the car was plagued with rain.

On Saturday, I was invited up to spend the night at the Big4 Caravan Park on Lake Macquarie in one of their waterfront villas. This involved a small road trip for Pat and I, who immediately heard the word “lake” in the message and was already planning for the most amazing getaway of his life. In other words: He planned to fish the entire time. In addition to the fishing, we had hopes for an outdoor barbeque and catching some rays.

lake macquarie reflection

Again, the weather had other plans for us as we drove through patches of sunshine and then rain repeatedly while making our way to Lake Mac. Luckily, when we arrived, the weather perked up enough to get some nice photos and for Pat to cast a few into the lake.

Pat sillhouette while fishing

But, bye-bye barbeque as the evening weather brought a cold, light rain that then proceeded to unleash hell on the tin-type roof when the downpours began.

waterfront villa

We made the most of the adventure, as always, with a decent bottle of wine and movies.

I’m beginning to think that the rain loves us. More specifically, it loves us when we drive somewhere for a getaway. It doesn’t matter if we’re in Pat’s car, have a free campervan or take part in car hire: We bring the rain with us.

On the one hand, I’m irritated by our pull for bad weather on travels. You may not want to invite us on a road trip that’s for sure. On the other, maybe I should be a bit flattered that rain loves us and our travel plans so damn much.


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3 Responses to Day 232: Rain Loves Us

  1. Tijmen August 24, 2011 at 7:21 pm #

    It does sound a bit weird if you even manage to get rain on your way to Broken Hill. I remember the road there, and there wasn’t that much green growing there, because of the lack of rain. Hopefully your next trip will be a very sunny one 🙂

  2. Simon Lee August 26, 2011 at 10:53 pm #

    I was always wanted to have a holiday tour with caravan, and my dream almost comes true during our trip to gold coast last year, unfortunately got turned down by some issues during that time:( Will definitely try to arrange for another tour with caravan, but may not be Australia anymore…..


  3. bethany August 30, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    I am so road tripping with you! I have to say I love the rain. Almost too much. And I love it most of all when I travel. I don’t know there is something about it. Talk about remembering things from your past post – rain does that for me. It brings me to a place of memories. Think of all the things you remember so clearly on your trips because of the rain.

    If it hadn’t rained I guarantee you wouldn’t not remember with such clarity. I think you’re lucky – and I so want to travel with you now!

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