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Rocking out in a bomb shelter.


corridorBishkek is chock full of surprises! When I planned this trip a few months back, I had no idea how truly interesting this city would be. From learning Russian to jam-packed marshrutka rides, my weekdays are pretty much booked, but the weekends tell a whole different story.

Last weekend I was enticed into attending a local rock concert. Generally into a good show, I tagged along only to be reminded of the days of my youth (not too long ago I guess) and consumed by thoughts of the 1980’s Soviet Union. Locals, sporting mullets and carrying carafes of vodka, rocked out to Russian metal, punk, and thanks to Anthony’s band, a little bit of the Oldies.

brooke looking confused

The scene was more than surreal. To enter, you walk down a long corridor covered in graffiti until you pass through the bomb-proof 12-inch thick door. There you arrive in a place where the foreigners get second looks and no one is without a vodka shot. Having a rock show in an old bomb shelter – I cannot think of any cooler place. I became green with envy, yet full of inspiration. Who knows… Maybe I’ll be playing a show there soon! If only I had a guitar with me.

I took a short video of the event so you could take a look. Enjoy!

Rocking out in a bomb shelter. from Brooke Schoenman on Vimeo.


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