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RTW Health & Safety


The RTW Health & Safety section covers all precautionary tactics taken to keep myself in tip-top shape while on my rtw trip. Here, you can find information on RTW immunizations, RTW travel insurance, travel self defense, and even a section on travel gear safety.

rtw-immunizationsRTW Immunizations

When traveling to lesser developed countries, there is a long list of RTW immunizations one needs to get. You might start feeling a little bit like a human pin cushion… I did.

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RTW Travel Insurance

Don’t be stupid. If you are traveling, you will want rtw travel insurance. You may think you are invincible, but accidents and sickness can easily take the funds out of your travel wallet.

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travel-self-defenseTravel Self Defense

Travel Self Defense is a page with tips on travel tactics that can help you maintain control if someone should try and take advantage of you on the road – both physically and mentally.

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travel-gear-safetyTravel Gear Safety

Whether you’re a flashpacker or not, more than likely there is something you’re carrying that is worth keeping hold of (passport?). Learn how to keep your belongings safe in the Travel Gear Safety section.

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