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Travel Gear Safety


When traveling, your travel gear is your life, and you carry it all on your back. Learn how to keep your travel gear safe with these methods.

RTW Travel Insurance

RTW travel insurance can help you if your luggage and belongings are lost or damaged in transit. It’s best to see what all your insurance covers beforehand. Otherwise, the best rule of thumb is to not take what you can’t bear to lose.


Featuring patented eXomesh® Ultimate security technology, the
is an adjustable high-tensile stainless steel locking device, designed to cover and protect a variety of bags and packs from tampering, pilfering and theft. Throw it around your pack, secure it to something fixed and get on with your adventure.


I loved the idea of the PacSafe and actually owned one for my trip to Guatemala. However, I didn’t use it once! Not only that, it is a bit more weight to add to the backpack. A lot of arguments say that using the PacSafe makes you look more interesting to potential thieves.

Retractable Cable Lock

Set-your-own combination for personalization and easy recall. 36” L. x 3/32” diameter. Cable retraction for a tight fit around object. Vinyl-coated cable to prevent scratching. Push-button retraction for easy cable recoiling. Great for kids. Light-duty security.


After Guatemala, I traded in my PacSafe for a $14 retractable cable lock. If I weave the cables through my backpack, it sort of locks the lid down over the opening of my pack. Then, if I do it right, I can use it to lock the bag to a bed or other secure piece of furniture. It’s good for times when hostels don’t have lockers and I just want to make it a little bit more difficult for someone to mess with my bag. The lock is also great for normal lockers that require locks.

Combination Lock

From backpacks to business cases to luggage and handbags, these
TSA Sentry Cable Locks
have you covered. The flexible cable attachment make locking the most complicated things together a breeze.


I keep this lock on my daypack on travel days to lock the zippers together. Anybody could easily slash the bag, but the lock just deters opportunistic thefts.

Money Belt

A Money Belt is worn next to your skin, under your clothes, and keeps your important items (passport, plane tickets, credit cards, cash) safe from pickpocketing hands. Other variations come as leg strap wallets and money purses hung under your shirt.


Wear a money belt, and even wear it to bed if you need to. These little guys are important!

Traveler’s Rule

Keep important things on you at all times, and if you can’t afford to lose it, don’t take it on the trip to begin with.

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