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travel-blogsRTW Travel Blogs

There are more RTW travel blogs out there on the internet today than I can count. Take a look at this short list and live vicariously through the lives of these brave travelers.

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rtw-accommodationRTW Accommodation

Whether you’re looking for youth hostels, backpacker accommodation, couches or hotels, see where to stay on your trip around the world by visiting the RTW accommodation page.

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rtw-transportRTW Transport

If you need help with the logistics of it all, the RTW transport page details everything from RTW airfare and budget airlines to international buses and trains.

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rtw-workRTW Work Opportunities

To make some extra money while taking advantage of your perpetual nomad-ism is to teach English or get a working holiday visa. To ensure getting a teaching job, it is a good idea to get a TEFL certificate.

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international-studyInternational Study & Language Schools

Traveling around the world can open up so many education options, including language study. Be sure to check out a few of these amazing language schools if passing through.

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rtw packing listRTW Packing List

Choosing what to pack for 3, 6 or 12 months on the road is not always easy. The RTW Packing List page will show what I took with me on my long-haul journeys to give you a better idea of what to pack for yourself.

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rtw-health-safetyRTW Health & Safety

Whether you’re looking for immunization help, travel insurance suggestions, or just how to manage and protect your luggage, you can get help by visiting the RTW health and safety page.

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