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The September Express 2012: Best of the Month + New Site Sponsor


All aboard!

The goal of The Monthly Express will be to get you from one month to the next in one quick and easy blog post. I’ll wrap up the best of the month, as well as give a rundown on upcoming news. Here goes!

tomsk to moskva

All aboard!

1st Stop: September Blogging

I took a little bit of a break in the blog area for September, but there were definitely a couple good reads including my post about Non-Travel Life Musings. When you’re done with that, you might want to pop over and have a read about how I tend to talk like the people around me.

For some photo fun, I’d suggest checking out the post on camel adventures in Mongolia, or maybe even the exploration of train food on the Trans-Mongolian.

Oh, and I had a big announcement of an upcoming trip, which I reveal in my post wearing my new Maui Jim sunglasses!

2nd Stop: Weekend Snaps

In addition to fewer posts, I also put out fewer weekend snaps just to have a little rest. But here is a good one from Lithuania that a couple of people really enjoyed.

lithuania life moment

3rd Stop: Favorite Comments

In response to my post about my photo essay involving camel adventures in Mongolia:

I LOVED this post! What a cool place to sleep for the night! You have just given me another place to add to my list 🙂

-Rachel of Rachel’s Rantings in Rio

In response to my post on how “heaps” has infiltrated my vocabulary:

Right there with you. ‘Heaps’ is now a permanent part of my vocabulary, and although no one’s called me out on it yet, I can see the flicker in their eyes when I say it. Trying to get my Aussie fiance to pick up some of my words/pronunciation (a-LOO-min-um, dammit) but it seems that even his subconscious is too stubborn.

-Lauren of Lateral Movements

4th Stop: Guest Blogging and Writing Elsewhere

See where else I’ve been writing on the Web. This is not a complete list:

8 Reasons to Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway
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5 Fun Ways to Explore Sydney
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What Not to Miss for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip to Australia
Four Must-Visit Destinations in Western Australia
Gone Walkabout: 5 National Parks in Australia Worth Wandering
Sydney’s Convict History
Best Train Rides in Australia
What Not to Do in Australia
Partying on Oxford Street

Her Packing List:
Travel Products We Are Currently Loving – September 2012 Edition

Making Sense of Cents:
What Saving $23,000 for Travel Taught Me

5th Stop: What’s Hot on Facebook

A case of Coke, on sale for $18 in Australia. Do you believe it? Can you believe it?!

coke australia

No, this is not a trick.

6th Stop: BvtW News

Finally, so much good news to share… I don’t know where to start!

  • I’m heading to Hawaii with a little help from Hawaii Tourism. Yep, on my way to the mainland USA for a Midwestern Thanksgiving, I’ll be stopping off in Hawaii for a few days in Paradise!
  • I’m going to the Problogger Conference (PBEVENT) in Melbourne! I had another trip fall through (boo), but that means I now get to go to Melbs to another blog-focused conference (Oct 12-13). Yippee!
  • Ciao Bella Travel is the new BvtW site sponsor for the next 3 months! Yep, this lovely little female-focused travel accessory shop got in touch, and now I’ll be showcasing some of the good things they offer along with some discounts and sales. Stay tuned for more in the coming months!

A little more about Ciao Bella Travel: Ciao Bella Travel was established in December 2007 in response to a gap in the female travel accessories market. was created to make it easy for female travellers to shop from a range of beautiful travel accessories and clothing anytime online. We test every item before we decide to include it in our range to ensure we provide our customers with the best, high quality products available. We are also passionate about providing excellent customer service to our members and customers.

Excited to see what the next few months bring! Aren’t you?


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  1. bethany October 12, 2012 at 11:05 am #

    Brooke it seems like a lot of awesome things have been happening. 🙂 It’s going to take me a while to catch up on all your stories around the internet!

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