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Day 142: Shopping in Kuala Lumpur Could be Fun

Day 142:  What I did buy while shopping in KL

Day 142: What I did buy while shopping in KL

For my boyfriend and his family, a trip to Malaysia entails three things: visiting relatives, eating and shopping. This generally isn’t my normal idea of a holiday because I don’t have relatives abroad and I don’t have the money to spend on shopping (or at least I don’t allocate the money to that sphere). Eating – I love it – but I had a lot of difficulty in Malaysia because of my anti-seafood demands.

So, I think Malaysia isn’t really the place for me in particular to travel, unless of course you’re heading to Borneo. I saw plenty of “oh-my-let’s-go-to-that” activities that were all on that side of Malaysia.

Don’t get me wrong. The trip was a total eye-opener, and maybe if Pat and I were on our own we would find a groove that really suits us personally (we were on his family’s schedule), but besides eating, shopping and lounging in our glorious hotels, there wasn’t much for us “to do”.

Really? Just eating and shopping?

Ok, gross over-generalization there. Let me clarify what I mean.

When Pat and I were in Penang looking at all the activities for tourists, there were heaps on the list. But, when we started to do stuff, we realized that many of these activities really only take up a few minutes of your time or have but one small feature within that are worth seeing. Instead of a list of 5 amazing and worthwhile attractions, there is a list of about 20 mediocre bits. Does that make sense?

Take the Snake Temple, for example. It is pretty cool to walk in and see dozens of vipers and pythons chillin’, but that takes seriously 10 minutes to enjoy. How long does it take to get there, and how much does it cost as well? Is it worth it? (It’s even less worth it when you find out that the venom has been removed from all snakes.)

After our initial hit-up-what-we-can mindset, we started to feel as though the attractions were a bit on the lame side, something that was reinforced after a day in Malacca (don’t do the Monorail). This left us with food and shopping on the list… oh, and movies. We saw 4 movies while in Malaysia because they were too cheap to pass up, and we walked around a fair few shopping malls in the process.

Only, I didn’t buy much of anything at all (except those extremely comfortable Merrells in the daily photo) because I didn’t want to spend money just for the sake of it.

However, I did see how shopping in Kuala Lumpur *could* be fun. Have you ever been in a shopping mall that has 10 levels and with one of the world’s largest indoor roller coasters?

Yes, shopping in KL could be fun if you come with that goal and have the money in hand.


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  1. Rebecca May 26, 2011 at 3:10 am #

    This is exactly how I feel about Melbourne and why I was pretty much blah on the city.

    I do love visiting a good mall (Mall of America is pretty cool to a 14 year old!) but the actual shopping part, I’ll pass.

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