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Day 136: Smashing Out Malacca in Half a Day

Day 136: Waiting for the monorail

Day 136: Waiting for the monorail

For not really arriving in Malacca (Melaka) until about two in the afternoon, we sure did manage to smash out quite a bit of it during the rest of the day. I’m talking monorail, river cruise, hotel check-in, crocodile park, an afternoon coffee, Jonker Street walk, chicken rice dinner, cendol dessert, and a luxurious soak in the giant claw bath tub looking at the view of the Eye on Malacca from the window.

My first impressions of Malacca were compiled mainly from a sense of historical pride throughout the city and a distinct focus on tourism. Even the way the river is lit up at night with Christmas and flood lights seemed to be something a bit more ornate than what would normally be done without the strong tourism draw. And, of course, there’s the Jonker Walk, where shops and restaurants line the street and tourists congregate to enjoy what Malacca is really known for: food.

Malacca Chicken Rice

In case you missed the post, I heart chicken rice in Malaysia, and in Malacca, they take it to another level. Instead of loose chicken rice, they roll the rice into balls, which means you get the delicious chicken with a side of these golf ball sized rice rolls.

chicken rice malacca

I think, as a novelty, chicken rice balls are great, but for flavor, I have not been too impressed. Give me chicken rice that is still in the loose form any day.

Malacca Attraction Run-Down

Outside of the city is a crocodile park that we stopped at on the way into town. For 10 ringgit I believe, you can get an up-close viewing of tons of giant crocs, some even captured locally, which is a thought that always excites and frightens me at the same time. Seriously, though, there are plenty of big monsters just hanging out in this park.

croc malacca park

The monorail seemed like a cool idea at first, but sadly I was not impressed. Without knowing, we covered a fair bit of the track just by walking along the river to the station. Plus, our plan was to use the monorail as a taxi and get off at the other end and then head to dinner. It turns out the station at the other end was temporarily closed, which meant we had to trek all the way back to where we started.

monorail malacca

The river cruise was another cool idea, and I highly recommend this option at night when all the riverside lights are lit up. Just be warned that the boats like to bust out some slow-rock saxophone music (reminiscent of the Soho bar in Penang) that makes it feel like a love boat instead of a joyful ride along the river.

river cruise

malacca river cruise

We did not choose to go on the Eye on Malacca — the ferris wheel with a view of the city — because we simply didn’t think it looked big enough. We would much rather go up the Taming Sari Tower for that view.

Back at the Hotel

I honestly think the hotel we’re staying in deserves a post on its own, so I’ll leave it at this: I can soak in my giant claw-foot bath tub with a clear view of the world outside the window. It’s awesome.

view of malacca from hotel

view of Malacca from hotel


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