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Day 103:  Coooooookies!

Day 103: I Live in a Bilingual Household

Day 103: Coooooookies!
I’ve always wondered how people that speak two different languages make a relationship work. I always wonder more how they communicate at home since communication, to me, is like the essential part of making a relationship work, no? I know it’s not to the same extent as, let’s say, someone who speaks Spanish and someone who speaks… Read more
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Day 102: Keeping Out the Cold... and Disease

Day 102: We’re All Passionate People When It Comes to Travel Health Care

Day 102: Keeping out the cold... and disease... and bad stuff that's everywhere.
Enlighten me. Please. Show me where you’re coming from because I just cannot understand it. My post about scary shit about travel really opened up a can of worms — maybe not so much with everyone who read it, but more with me. All I wanted to… Read more
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Day 101:  Skyping Secrets

Day 101: Top Secret Secrets… Shhh

Day 101: Skyping Secrets
Do you ever get so caught up in an idea that you find yourself getting lost in thought for hours, unintentionally, trying to figure out how to make it all work out? Oh, I have, big time. I’m the worst at thinking about things… too much… to the point where I often lack getting real work… Read more
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Day 100: A frantic, stressed mess on a rainy Sunday.

Day 100: My Location Independent Lifestyle, Completely Dependent on Laptop

Day 100: A frantic, stressed mess on a rainy Sunday when my computer broke.
The earlier days of 2011 were ones of me putting forward personal goals, and one of those involved building a sustainable location independent lifestyle. At that time, I was making a chunk of change with blogging, but it wasn’t really enough to be living in… Read more
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Day 98:  Drinking with Vampires

Day 98: Drinking with Vampires

Day 98: Drinking with Vampires
With fake spider webs, creepy music, bloody costumes and ghoulish signs, the housewarming party I went to last night went off with a bang. Uhm… housewarming party? Yes. See, in Australia, everything runs backwards like the toilets and clocks. Kangaroos hop down the streets and instead of traditional housewarming parties they choose to have a… Read more
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sweet potato dessert

Day 97: How is Brooke going to do in Malaysia?

Day 97: Purple Sweet Potato Dessert. I'm Adventurous.
This question was asked last night by one of Pat’s family members, and I know it is a valid one. It was Patrick’s brother’s birthday, so we met the family out at a Chinese restaurant for one of those communal meals that I loathe simply because they are too communal and because… Read more
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return of the spider 1

Day 92: Straight Out of a Horror Film

Day 92: Not Happy With What I Saw
There are some things about Australia that I can’t quite handle on a regular basis. One such thing is also the reason I will never, ever, ever, EVER leave the windows down in a car in this country when I’m not driving. We got a little reminder of that reason last night… Read more
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