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above the clouds in a balloon

Day 240: Get Your Head Out of the Clouds

There are plenty of things in this world that I just won’t try, no matter how thrilling they seem, such as skydiving or bungee jumping or base jumping. So, I’m not going to say the stereotypical comment of, “I went to Queensland and threw myself out of a plane.” Nope, that is not the experience I am talking about.

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Day 239: When Someone Said “Scenic” for Getting to Kuranda, They Weren’t Lying

Yesterday was a day of rainforest adventures, leading me to the lovely little village of Kuranda. Kuranda on its own is a cute little place to visit with shops, cafes, markets, a butterfly sanctuary and other goodies to pass the time, but the real draw, in my opinion, is simply getting there and back.

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Shangri-La Cairns room view

Day 238: Adventures in Queensland Begin

My disposition towards the weather in Sydney as of late is not something I’ve hidden from you, my readers. I would also say that my dislike for Sydney winter (relatively speaking) has also been mentioned, which is why I was so damn excited to make a winter getaway up to north Queensland in Australia courtesy of Tourism Queensland.

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waterfront villa

Day 232: Rain Loves Us

About a year ago now, Pat and I went for a little road trip in a Jucy Campervan to Sydney’s south coast area and surrounds. It was just about a week of fun together, or at least that’s how we planned it. The sun was going to be shining, Pat would hop out and fish from time to time, and… Read more

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Day 230: Just Like That… It’s Over

You take your time carefully saving and planning for every aspect of a journey; you apply for your visas weeks in advance. Every moment of freedom is longed for… for… days? weeks? months? YEARS? And then, suddenly, it’s over.
In the grand scheme of things, I haven’t really had this hit me too hard… Read more with my travels mainly because my

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Day 229: Where in the world can I get a Slurpee?

Frozen drink items like Slurpees and Frozen Cokes are really popular Down Under, or at least they’re popular with my boyfriend in particular. I’m the type of person that would rather have a Big Gulp, but not because I can drink the whole thing. I like the value… and the soda.
But, Slurpees are definitely growing on me, and as… Read more

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Day 228: Can’t Get to Queensland Soon Enough

As much as I love Sydney’s mild winters… Read more, I’m really, really, really growing tired of this winter season down under. Is it just me, or does it feel colder, wetter and drearier than those in the recent past? I feel as though it has been raining for the past two weeks, and wait… I thought Australia was a dry

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Day 227: Playing with a New Camera

It’s been agonizing getting to this point in the camera situationRead more. At one point, I thought I wanted the compact SLR camera with interchangeable lenses, and at another, I thought I wanted the plain old point and shoot. One day, I refused to give up the option of additional lenses, but the next, I was firm on having the

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Day 226: Pitching to the Person that Counts

In the past year, I’ve learned a lot about pitching, more specifically about pitching article topics to various websites. While I still find the process one of the most frustrating when I’m just lacking any new ideas, it has become a whole heck of a lot easier, which is great considering it is part of the way I make some… Read more

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bishkek markets

Day 225: Learn About Bishkek via My Guest Posts

You can learn a lot by reading the guest posts I’ve written about Bishkek around the Web. Combined with articles on BvtW, you’ve got yourself a Bishkek resource.

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