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Day 210: Trakai Castle, Or Things Fairy Tales Are Made Of

In the small sleepy town of Trakai, there lies the island castle that dates back to the 14th century. This castle makes my Friday dream travel destination.

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Day 19: Flashback 2.5 Years to a Chance Encounter

Can you find love in a hostel? Two and a half years ago I ended up in Riga, Latvia as I was killing time before heading to Ukraine to teach English… Read more. I chatted briefly in passing with a couple of Australian guys in the hostel bedroom, but I think they were too preoccupied with the flirty Finnish girls to

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Baltic Graffiti – A Photo Essay

I spent around 6 weeks in the Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia back in 2008. Basically, I was killing time while waiting for my teaching gig to start up in Ukraine, and I really couldn’t have picked a better place – to hang out, meet cool people, eat good food and enjoy a nice mix between Eastern and Western Europe – than in that part of the world.

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My 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets

I have recently been nominated by Linda Fairbairn of Journey Jottings to participate in the “3 Best Kept Travel Secrets” project. I’m happy to finally get to take my turn, and if you like what I have to say, why not subscribe to my feed?
1.) Overnight in a Yurt on Lake Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan
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What has been the best year of your life?

In one of my conversation clubs in school here in Ukraine, I asked my students what the best year of their life has been. Questions like these, followed with a simple, “Why?”, are a great way to get them all to talk (my main goal for my classes), while also killing a ton of class time. However, a lot of… Read more

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On Love & Hate: A Weekend in Pest

I have been sitting on this one for about a week now and decided to go ahead and post. About seven weeks ago, I made a blog post about struggling with goodbyes… Read more. I wasn’t particularly straightforward about the situation at the time, but while in the Baltic countries, I did meet someone I thought was really special… and of

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Pelmeni XL – A Must Eat in Riga

Even though I have spent nearly two weeks of my life recently in Riga, Latvia, this is actually my first post on the country at all. Shocking, no? I was planning to do a post on Sigulda with some cute photos, but someone I was travelling with decided it was a good time to clean the sensor on my camera… Read more

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So, you were expecting to find a former Soviet Navy nuclear submarine training center, too?!

Paldiski could be classified as the worst city I have ever travelled to… purposely. Apparently, the guide books even say “Welcome to Hell” when talking about the small, former Soviet naval base, but still my current fascination with all things “Soviet style” helped Sam talk me into checking it out. Apparently there was even going to be the remains of… Read more

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It feels like autumn.

Imagine my shock when the day I flew from Kazakhstan to Latvia I also went from sweating to freezing! Everyone in Riga was wearing a coat, hat, gloves… the works. “Ugh!” I thought. I really despise cold weather, but don’t get confused. That doesn’t mean I like summer either! So I may be a bit sensitive to temperature, but I… Read more

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Totally Crossed Out!

They say there are 55,000 in total, but I really wonder if it is more than that. One can easily get lost in the sea of relics on display at the Hill of Crosses in Lithuania. I had seen pictures before setting out on the 3 hour bus ride to the small town of Siauliai, but none will ever do… Read more

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