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Whatever Floats My Blogging Boat

Life has been a little less travel-y these days, and a whole lot more busy. But in a good way, of course.

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On the Business of Blogging: Key Takeaways from TBU Umbria

After TBU, I felt refreshed. The travel blogging industry is definitely coming around. Important issues were being brought up to people that will listen, and bloggers making leeway into this new field were there to reveal some of their best secrets.

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One Little Thing I Must Do in 2012

While we’re on this whole reflective business, I might as well point out a little something I need to do for 2012. If you’re a blogger looking to branch out from your own blog, you might need to do this, too.

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The Hardest Lesson I Learned in 2011

When will I learn? This post talks about the hardest lesson I had to learn this year, and hopefully how I’ll start to remedy the issue in 2012. Read on, fellow bloggers, you might find my final thoughts useful.

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I am a Blogger, and I am Powerful: On Bloggers, Brands and Fear

After a big day taking part in the Blogger Relations Forum yesterday, I have lots of thoughts about overcoming fears and the future of blogging revolving around brands cooperating more effectively with bloggers. Whew! It’s a doozy. Hopefully the read meshes well… click on!

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Day 203: Belated Friday Writing Round-Up

It’s not easy keeping up with all that goes on in my writing world. Heck, I can barely keep up with it myself! That’s why it is good to just sometimes put some of the highlights into one place, and that brings us to this post:
Her Packing List
Packable Exercise Equipment to Take RTW… Read more: Can you really take

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Day 180: The Essential Brooke vs. the World… My 7 Links

I know; you’re tired of this 7 links business, right? It’s only been going on over a couple of weeks now and the blogs have multiplied like rabbits having babies. Well, surprise, here’s another baby! It’s my turn, so do humor me while I divulge the essential Brooke vs. the World.
My most beautiful post: The Cottesloe Beach Sunset … Read more

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Day 179: Let’s Go to Australia!

I know that most of you can’t just buy a ticket and come and join me in the land Down Under. I’d love it if you could come and visit, but in the meantime, I’ll just take you to Australia with me by giving you some of the best recent writing on WhyGo Australia, the other main site I work… Read more

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Day 162: People Read This?

The shock of discovering I have so many quiet followers on this blog.

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Day 113: Already Planning My Techno Detox

I sat here and looked at my blank computer screen for a few minutes, just trying to pool my thoughts so that I could make this post. I thought about how I could write this, or that, or maybe even about a fun memory or event from day 113, but all I could think about was how much I really… Read more

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