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Day 59: My Day with a Rabbi in Rome

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You know it’s a good day when you fail to write a blog post because you honestly have too many ideas of what to share. I couldn’t choose last night which topic to go with,

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Day 58: Hot & Dirty [train] Stations

The air outside in Sydney was fairly refreshing at 10pm last night as I made my way back home from a lovely evening at the Glenmore Rooftop… Read more in the Rocks. It sprinkled from time to time, but it was just that nice, much-needed bit of rain that didn’t bother. Outside was lovely, but inside…
I hit Wynyard Station after 10pm

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Day 57: When Sexy Vampires Make You Coffee (A Verona Memory)

The movie and TV industry is full of sexy vampire talk as of late. Bucket loads full of sexy vampires. What, there’s like Twilight and Vampire Diaries and True Blood all making vampires look… uhm… hot, and although I tire of the hype, I will admit that I finally saw the first of the Twilight series (I’ll stop at that)… Read more

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Day 56: I Miss Late-Night Hang-Outs

For a lot of my teens and early 20s, I lived a nocturnal life, taking in the quiet atmosphere the night presented and using it to my advantage. I used to write songs, record music, organize my room, watch movies and — my favorite — catch up with friends. You could do that in America. You can use the night… Read more

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Day 55: Dear Korean BBQ

Dear Korean BBQ,
Where would we be without you? It definitely wouldn’t be a Sydney Travel Tribe event if we didn’t venture on to a late-night chow session of your spicy flavors. Sometimes, it feels almost life-saving.
If you asked me what I am eating, I couldn’t tell you (James does all the ordering for us in Korean).
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If you

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sunrise mona vale fire

Day 54: A Sunrise Over Mona Vale Beach, Australia

I never really appreciated sunrises or sunsets until I came to Australia where every single day puts me face-to-face with some of the most brilliantly painted skies. It’s hard to imagine what sunsets were like before… back in the Midwest of the USA. Did we even have them? Maybe it’s the different atmospheres, or the coastal location, that makes them… Read more

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dingo bar

Day 53: Tours for Under 35’s

Are tours for under 35’s a good thing, or are they all about getting trashed and hooking up?… Read more That, my blog reading friends, is the question.
Usually, my internal joy for being independent on all accounts, especially when I travel, makes it hard for me to sign up for tours. I have huge issues with tossing out a large sum

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ice river

Day 52: Thinking Cool Thoughts, A Winter Photo Tour from Ukraine

I am quite happy now that I forced myself to take the big camera out for one of my daily walks because I really think I captured a bit of the vibe that goes with living in a former Soviet country.

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Day 51: Trains on the Brain… I’m Heading Out in a Month

I should maybe dedicate the next year of my life to riding the rails. As of late, I’ve had nothing but epic train journeys… Read more rolling through the part of my brain that focuses on travel plans, and they rolled over into the part of the brain that thinks about work. Lucky for me, that part of the brain actually gets

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Day 50: 50 Bucks in Sydney — What Can You Do with 50 Dollars in Your City?

I think it ends up being one of the hottest days whenever we have some sort of party to go to around Sydney. It totally wipes us out, and I get really lazy when trying to make my daily post. So, in my laziness, I thought an idea for a cool compilation post — one that YOU can be a… Read more

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