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fountain jump

Day 259: The Great Nomads Chase in Sydney

I made my way to Belmore Park in Sydney where I met up with a few dozen other travel lovers to take part in the Great Nomads Chase, sponsored by World Nomads. To be honest, I, along with many of my mates, didn't know what exactly was in store for us. We waited in anticipation for the instructions to be released and the games to begin!
September 17, 2011 · Continue Reading · 4
Los Angeles Lights from Observatory

Day 149: Celebrating My 28th with Bloggers, Actors and Stuntmen in Hollywood

Day 149: Birthday Margaritas!
I sometimes find it a little embarrassing to admit to people that I have never been to California before. Sure, I’ve lived in K-stan and Down Under, and even Ukraine, but California I had never stepped foot in until this past week. Amazing. Since I hadn’t been, I thought that a little sampler plate… Read more
June 2, 2011 · Continue Reading · 10
mystery faces

Day 39: Six Degrees of Separation in a Small, Small World

Day 39: Mystery Faces
Who do I know that you know? Normally, I wouldn’t think to ask this question except there have now been several — almost freaky — incidents where I’ve come to meet someone in some random part of the world to find out they have encountered someone I know. It is a small freakin’ world, people, and… Read more
February 8, 2011 · Continue Reading · 12
Day 14: Anna's Farewell at Dr. Pong

Day 14: Finding Americans in Sydney

Day 14: Anna's Farewell at Dr. Pong
I wouldn’t say there is a huge number of Americans in Sydney at any given time, at least not in comparison to the other nationalities that populate this part of the world. For some reason, though, I do seem to find and hang out with more than a few. I’m not one to… Read more
January 15, 2011 · Continue Reading · 14

The Travel Blogs That Inspired Me

There was a time in my life where I obsessed over reading travel blogs. I read and read and read until my eyes couldn’t take it anymore; the more I read, the more confident I grew that I could take the leap and travel the world. I loved the idea of hitting the road, and to be honest, travel… Read more
December 28, 2010 · Continue Reading · 15
whale in sunset

Maternal Thoughts from a Travel Junky

I had the pleasure of meeting up with an epic traveling family, Soultravelers3, last week in Sydney. It was strange meeting someone you have known via the Internet for the past 5 years in real life… and in Australia of all places. Meetings like this really make me think. More so, it makes me think about family, the future… Read more
November 14, 2010 · Continue Reading · 8

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