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Day 108: Mmm... calorie-filled pasta.

Day 108: Calorie Counting & How It May Impact Upcoming Travels

Day 108: Mmm... calorie-filled pasta.
I’m never really one to count calories when trying to control my weight. Instead, I’d rather hit up a bit more exercise to counteract the bad that I often put in my body, especially when I travel, but as of lately, I’ve gotten into a slump. With working from home and recent ankle/foot issues, I’ve… Read more
April 19, 2011 · Continue Reading · 17
sweet potato dessert

Day 97: How is Brooke going to do in Malaysia?

Day 97: Purple Sweet Potato Dessert. I'm Adventurous.
This question was asked last night by one of Pat’s family members, and I know it is a valid one. It was Patrick’s brother’s birthday, so we met the family out at a Chinese restaurant for one of those communal meals that I loathe simply because they are too communal and because… Read more
April 8, 2011 · Continue Reading · 8
aussie beef

Day 9: McDonald’s to the Rescue

Day 9: At McDonald's; Don't Judge Me
When the weather’s bad, when local food is sketchy or when I’m missing home, a beacon of hope and comfort can be found glowing in the distance. The yellow arches, they tell me everything is going to be okay because McDonald’s is there to rescue me. I love McDonald’s, and I love eating Read more
January 9, 2011 · Continue Reading · 28

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