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Day 108: Mmm... calorie-filled pasta.

Day 108: Calorie Counting & How It May Impact Upcoming Travels

Day 108: Mmm... calorie-filled pasta.
I’m never really one to count calories when trying to control my weight. Instead, I’d rather hit up a bit more exercise to counteract the bad that I often put in my body, especially when I travel, but as of lately, I’ve gotten into a slump. With working from home and recent ankle/foot issues, I’ve… Read more
April 19, 2011 · Continue Reading · 17
Day 102: Keeping Out the Cold... and Disease

Day 102: We’re All Passionate People When It Comes to Travel Health Care

Day 102: Keeping out the cold... and disease... and bad stuff that's everywhere.
Enlighten me. Please. Show me where you’re coming from because I just cannot understand it. My post about scary shit about travel really opened up a can of worms — maybe not so much with everyone who read it, but more with me. All I wanted to… Read more
April 13, 2011 · Continue Reading · 23
Day 13: I heart faux meat!

Day 13: Gastro Happens, Sometimes Where You Least Expect

Day 13: I heart faux meat!
The inspiration for today’s post is a bit of a stretch perhaps. I was preparing a nice faux meat roast for dinner tonight (Pat and I eat a veggie meat dinner at least once a week), and I got to thinking about my recent gastro incident involving a half-chicken, half bolognese pizza. Since then,… Read more
January 13, 2011 · Continue Reading · 15

Is travel all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows?

Travel, and more specifically long-term travel, is often idolized and imagined as this blissful freedom where problems never occur, and happiness roams as free as the air you breathe. If you’re like me, just thinking about hitting the open road right now is giving you a warm feeling inside – one almost so consuming that you can’t possibly think of… Read more
June 30, 2010 · Continue Reading · 19
Yesterday Was My Anniversary

Yesterday Was My Anniversary

My exit from Ukraine in late February 2009 was no other than a dramatic effort down to the final minute of departure. All those Ukrainian bills I was hiding in tampon boxes added up to quite a few U.S. dollars, but getting that money exchanged after leaving the country would have been extremely difficult. Apparently, it’s almost just as impossible… Read more
March 4, 2010 · Continue Reading · 15

Shoe Shortage in Australia

Thousands of Australians are going without proper footwear all across the country. From a random sampling, an estimated 10% of the population performs daily activities, such as grocery shopping or walking to work, without any form of shoe on whatsoever. The cause of this strange behavior was initially said to be from a widespread shoe shortage in Australia, but after… Read more
December 7, 2009 · Continue Reading · 14
celebrity shades

Feeling great in Bishkek.

Bishkek is a happy, happy place. It is the perfect combination of big and small city – much like Peoria on a much more interesting level. After living here for almost 3 weeks, it still almost seems like a dream. When am I going to get bored? When am I going to be ready to move on? Now, I have… Read more
April 25, 2008 · Continue Reading · 6

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