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Day 196: Accommodation Taking a Bite Out of Your Budget? Bite Back!

Day 196: Taking a Bite of a Poptart
In preparation of my upcoming thrifty and resourceful travel tips ebook, I’ve been thinking about all the ways your travel funds can be depleted and then thinking of ways to overcome these issues. Some of the most obvious reasons for travel funds depletion are eating and needing a place to sleep.… Read more
July 16, 2011 · Continue Reading · 7
chicago getaway hostel outdoor lounge

Day 155: Checking Out of the Chicago Getaway Hostel, A Review

Day 155: Home again
In both Los Angeles and Chicago when Pat and I met up with local travelers and bloggers, we were asked often where we were staying. When we told them we were at a local hostel, just about everyone commented that they never even realized there were hostels in their city. It’s true. I never really thought… Read more
June 11, 2011 · Continue Reading · 5

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