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group at vida

Day 16: Finding a Place in the World (an ode to my favorite hangouts)

Day 16: Little Gem Hangout (from the car)
Just like everyone in Seinfeld congregated at the diner, and everyone from How I Met Your Mother met up at the pub, I, too, seem to seek out a common hangout that I can use to meet up with friends. It turns out that I’ve had several favorite hangouts now all over Read more
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Day 14: Anna's Farewell at Dr. Pong

Day 14: Finding Americans in Sydney

Day 14: Anna's Farewell at Dr. Pong
I wouldn’t say there is a huge number of Americans in Sydney at any given time, at least not in comparison to the other nationalities that populate this part of the world. For some reason, though, I do seem to find and hang out with more than a few. I’m not one to… Read more
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Day 13: I heart faux meat!

Day 13: Gastro Happens, Sometimes Where You Least Expect

Day 13: I heart faux meat!
The inspiration for today’s post is a bit of a stretch perhaps. I was preparing a nice faux meat roast for dinner tonight (Pat and I eat a veggie meat dinner at least once a week), and I got to thinking about my recent gastro incident involving a half-chicken, half bolognese pizza. Since then,… Read more
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Day 11: Working at the Library

Day 11: Building a Location Independent Lifestyle

Day 11: Working at the Library
Building a location independent lifestyle has been a dream of mine for quite some time. There’s something to be said for working on your own terms, being your own boss and having control over (to an extent) your income. I’ve dabbled in the past here and there, but I think now I really have… Read more
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aussie beef

Day 9: McDonald’s to the Rescue

Day 9: At McDonald's; Don't Judge Me
When the weather’s bad, when local food is sketchy or when I’m missing home, a beacon of hope and comfort can be found glowing in the distance. The yellow arches, they tell me everything is going to be okay because McDonald’s is there to rescue me. I love McDonald’s, and I love eating Read more
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indulging in tech

Day 7: Technology Kills the Travel Experience

While my scorn for the setup down under may impact my feelings a bit, the real reason is because I feel it takes away a bit of the wonder and mystery that goes with traveling to far-flung places. Not only that, but what about the idea of living in the moment and being in touch with yourself while on the road?
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