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Day 3:  Shopping with Christmas Gift Cards

Day 3: The Way We’re Perceived Online

Day 3: Shopping with Christmas Gift Cards
Do you ever hold back from saying something on your blog even though it is how you honestly feel, or what you truly think on a subject? Today I went shopping to spend the awesome gift card money I got over the holidays, and I started thinking about what type of clothes I… Read more
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guatemalan breakfast and coffee

Coffee, a Spice of My Life, Around the World

Day 2: Coffee in Bed from a Tim Tam Mug
Oh, coffee. We have a love-hate relationship, you and me. Sometimes, I drink too much of you; you make my hands shake and my stomach hurt. Other times, I drink a bit and I’m more productive than I could ever be, writing a zillion words per minute and staying on… Read more
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