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Day 198: Tasty Kebabs

Day 198: Kebabs Make Me Think Of…

Day 198: Tasty Kebabs
Australia has so many kebab shops it isn’t even funny. I would throw the kebab into the Australian version of fast food, along with meat pies and sausage rolls, and it makes for a possible late-night food option after drinking. To be honest, I was surprised to see how popular kebabs were when arriving down under,… Read more
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poptarts collage

Day 196: Accommodation Taking a Bite Out of Your Budget? Bite Back!

Day 196: Taking a Bite of a Poptart
In preparation of my upcoming thrifty and resourceful travel tips ebook, I’ve been thinking about all the ways your travel funds can be depleted and then thinking of ways to overcome these issues. Some of the most obvious reasons for travel funds depletion are eating and needing a place to sleep.… Read more
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pat large drink

Day 195: Photos of Pat with Big Things

Patrick found himself going through the photos of our America trip last night and laughing at the abnormally large amount of photos of him next to big things… big fish, big stores, etc. It’s true. Pat likes to have his photos taken in some of the weirdest locations, and since I just can’t be bothered taking a daily photo of… Read more
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Day 187:  Sad for the Blues

Day 187: Our Passion for Sport

Day 187: Sad for the Blues
When the Maroons scored for the 4th time in a row in the first half, a guy at the table next to us got so angry he slammed the table spilling his beer and tossing food. When Thurston was down on the ground in agony because of his knee injury, a woman behind me… Read more
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Day 186: Hanging Out with Countrymen Abroad, Why Not Stay Home? My Extended Response

Day 186: Celebrating the 4th on the 5th
Literally the second I was about to write about day 186, I got a comment on another blog post that left me thinking. The post was talking about hanging out with my American friends here in Sydney, which is basically what I was going to maybe write about for day 186 because… Read more
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Day 185: Ask Me a Question

I’m not one for housekeeping, but this site definitely needs a good touch-up. One of the pages that is on the list is the Questions page which is, at this moment, full of basic questions from long ago. I’d like to fill it with more meaningful questions and answers, so do please ask away! You can ask me about… Read more
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