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Things to Do in Penang, Malaysia

Forget crowded, backpacker overrun Thailand, Malaysia has the tropical climate, cheap prices, and food that scream “holiday getaway”. Penang in particular is one of the more touristy parts of Malaysia. Here are some of the things you can do if you were to take a trip to Penang.

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Your Passport to a New Career: The World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship

What do you get when you mix Rough Guides, World Nomads, Travelfish and a Malaysian food tour? You get the WorldNomads Travel Writing Scholarship for 2012, and this one is not only a brilliant way to get your foot in the door of a travel writing career, but also a mind-blowing escape to three of Southeast Asia’s best: Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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The Joys of Malaysian Food: Malaysia Kitchen Final Roundup

Earlier this year, I was a Malaysia Kitchen Blogger Ambassador. This is my round-up of posts from the experience, plus a little bit extra here and there. If you have no idea what Malaysian food is like, do click on!

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Malaysia Kitchen: What makes a GOOD laksa!?

Under normal circumstances, I do not publish guest posts on Brooke vs. the World, but I guess all rules are meant to be broken. My boyfriend (the laksa expert) and I have been partaking in many Malaysian meals around Sydney together as part of Malaysia Kitchen, and so it seemed suiting to let him educate my readers on his favorite dish: laksa!

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Day 254: Searching for Malaysian Food in an Indian Restaurant

Like with many cultures, Malaysian food is a melting pot of influences. There is straight up Malaysian food, Chinese Malaysian food (that which my boyfriend says is the best, but he’s biased coming from Chinese Malay heritage) and Indian Malaysian food. Last night, Pat and I were literally searching the menu for the Malaysian dishes as it seemed our restaurant choice was primarily Indian focused.

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Day 246: Dining at Jackie M Malaysian in Concord

As a little bit of a celebration after a week away in Queensland, Pat and I took it upon ourselves to participate in some more Malaysia Kitchen fun. We chose a little restaurant over in Concord (near Ryde) called Jackie M Malaysian Cuisine.

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Day 218: Eating Malaysian at Mamak, a Roti Lover’s Dream

My first real introduction with Malaysian food in Sydney occurred at Mamak a while back, and it has become a place I love to hit up for some reliable and tasty Malaysian to this day.
As part of the Malaysia Kitchen Blogger Ambassador… Read more program, Pat and I hit up Mamak last night before going out on the town. I think

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Day 202: As a Malaysia Kitchen Blogger Ambassador, Prepare for Several Mouth-Watering Posts

Malaysian food is quickly becoming one of the hottest types of food around the Sydney area particularly because of its unique mix of spices and colors. It is food that you can eat with your eyes just as much with your mouth.
I was chosen as a Malaysia Kitchen Blogger Ambassador… Read more here in Sydney in order to help spread the

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Day 141: The Food We Ate and the Drinks We Drank in Malaysia

We arrived back in Sydney after an overnight flight from Kuala Lumpur, which of course we got little to no sleep on. So, for the rest of the day we all walked around in a zombie state just waiting for night to roll around so we could try to get back on a normal schedule.
A normal schedule for Pat… Read more

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Day 126: 7 Steps to Having a Great First Day in Penang

Only a full day has passed for us in Penang, and I’m already feeling spoiled by how far the value of our money will take us in this country. Although alcohol is still almost as expensive as back in Australia, the rest of this country is uber cheap. I’m talking all-you-can-eat buffets with seafood and cooked-to-order food for 19 ringgit… Read more

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