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40 clove garlic chicken stinking rose

Day 150: Looking for a Garlicky Good Time? Eat at the Stinking Rose in San Francisco!

Day 150: At the Stinking Rose
It may not be something I’d recommend to those couples going on a first date, or maybe even a third, but the Stinking Rose restaurant in San Francisco is an experience I recommend to anyone that loves a garlicky good time. Everything — I’m talking everything — from the 40 clove (literally) garlic chicken… Read more
June 6, 2011 · Continue Reading · 15
Los Angeles Lights from Observatory

Day 149: Celebrating My 28th with Bloggers, Actors and Stuntmen in Hollywood

Day 149: Birthday Margaritas!
I sometimes find it a little embarrassing to admit to people that I have never been to California before. Sure, I’ve lived in K-stan and Down Under, and even Ukraine, but California I had never stepped foot in until this past week. Amazing. Since I hadn’t been, I thought that a little sampler plate… Read more
June 2, 2011 · Continue Reading · 10
Day 147:  Passport is Packed

Day 147: Anticipating America

Day 147: Passport is Packed
Dear America, I hope this letter finds you well. I know it has been a long time since I last wrote, and I should probably apologize. Has it really been nearly 3 years? Can time really pass that fast? At first, I felt like you were gone… behind me… because I had bigger and better… Read more
May 28, 2011 · Continue Reading · 7
shopping in KL

Day 142: Shopping in Kuala Lumpur Could be Fun

Day 142: What I did buy while shopping in KL
For my boyfriend and his family, a trip to Malaysia entails three things: visiting relatives, eating and shopping. This generally isn’t my normal idea of a holiday because I don’t have relatives abroad and I don’t have the money to spend on shopping (or at least I don’t allocate the… Read more
May 25, 2011 · Continue Reading · 1
final cendol malaysia

Day 140: On Cendols and Ais Kacangs

Day 140: My Final Cendol in Malaysia
I’ve stated before that I’m not really big on Malaysian food as a whole because, well, they like to put seafood or prawn flavor in just about anything, even my chicken soup. I find it really difficult to explain to seafood likers that this is a big issue for me, and for Pat,… Read more
May 23, 2011 · Continue Reading · 3

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