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Celebrating the 4th of July

The Two Faces of Brooke

I will always be American no matter where I am in the world. But, after 3 years in Australia, and 3 years of being with an Aussie guy, I don’t really flinch when people ask me, “How ya going?” I’m in a weird place, and that’s kind of what I wanted to portray in the LAST ROUND of the Canon Island Blogger Competition.
February 22, 2012 · Continue Reading · 23
Getting Out of Auto Book

How to Take Awesome Travel Photos (a “Getting Out of Auto” Review)

Do you ever look at your travel photos and then look at someone else’s and think, “Wow, I am really behind in this photography thing!” I still very much feel this way, but you should have seen my shots years ago – centered subjects, poor lighting, no framing and definitely no rule of thirds considered. I would say I’ve come… Read more
August 3, 2011 · Continue Reading · 11
love to love you

Day 71: Memories in Green

Day 71: Brooke & Lauren decked out in green.
Day 71 was not St. Patty’s day, but I went to a party that was all about celebrating it on a weekend evening. It was a killer party, and everyone was wearing green — my favorite color. Since I am lacking photo evidence of my own from the gathering, I thought… Read more
March 13, 2011 · Continue Reading · 7

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