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Learning Like a Child:  Host Family Flashback Part 2

Learning Like a Child: Host Family Flashback Part 2

For seven long weeks I lasted as a regular in the Kyrgyz family. Somehow, now when I think back, I don’t know how I did it. Some days were more trying than others. As a complete newbie to Russian, I quickly realized just how much brain power I expended at my lessons constantly thinking, translating and deciphering all day… Read more
April 24, 2010 · Continue Reading · 12
Learning Like a Child:  Host Family Flashback Part 1

Learning Like a Child: Host Family Flashback Part 1

When a language is just so different from your native tongue, the best thing you can do is to forget about any preconceived notions you have about language structure and just attempt to learn it like a child. I learned my lesson the hard way – by spending countless portions of class time hounding my poor teachers as to why… Read more
April 19, 2010 · Continue Reading · 8

What has been the best year of your life?

In one of my conversation clubs in school here in Ukraine, I asked my students what the best year of their life has been. Questions like these, followed with a simple, “Why?”, are a great way to get them all to talk (my main goal for my classes), while also killing a ton of class time. However, a lot of… Read more
January 15, 2009 · Continue Reading · 6

An Apple for the Teacher

Hollllllllly cowwwwwwww! I have a job! After a whirlwind two weeks (that seriously felt like 2 months) of training, Brooke has officially become a paid-member of the teaching staff at an English language school in Kiev. Ahhh! I’m definitely kind of excited. Yes, a paycheck would be nice. But… but… oooh I must admit, my mind is already asking, “Where… Read more
November 11, 2008 · Continue Reading · 8
this is my rifle again.jpg

A bird pooped on me in YkpaiHa.

Ukraine (YkpaiHa) exudes all characteristics stereotypical of a former Soviet republic. The buildings, big and grand with gold domes, consume the otherwise stark landscape. The statues stand tall with bold features and some forceful pose. And the people… The people in Ukraine are such badasses! They drink a lot, smoke a lot, always wear red or black leather, and they… Read more
April 6, 2008 · Continue Reading · 2
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1 Broken Ipod, a 20 Hour Bus Ride, and 6 Esperanto Speakers

Traveling in 2nd and 3rd world countries the past couple of months made me realize how much I love a good transportation system – you know, where a 20 minute flight doesn’t translate into a 12 hour drive. The few treacherously long journeys in southern Mexico left me feeling hot, tired, and nauseous, and without the help of some pink… Read more
April 4, 2008 · Continue Reading · 8

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