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Thrifty Thursday: Get 10% (or more) Off Select Organized Tours

Last week, Katrina shared how she saved thousands on a Kumuka tour just by shopping around and diligently doing her homework before finally finding a tour reseller with a big sale. Yes, it did seem like a lot of time and effort – something we all might not have or want to put in to the search – but there is a quick and easy way to at least save 10% off a tour without much effort at all.
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airport spending

Saving Money at the Airport

Easy to spend at the airport.
As an international traveler, airports are incredibly hard to avoid, and even harder is avoiding spending money while in them. It’s like a trap. Like a sports stadium trap with overpriced hot dogs and beer. Everything always looks so delicious and so tempting, until you fork out the equivalent of a week’s worth of… Read more
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Day 118:  Pack-a-lacking

Day 118: Thrifty Thursday Recommends Moving Back in with the Parents

Day 118: Pack-a-lacking
It’s a wishy-washy, love-it or hate-it tactic to saving money for travels: moving back in with the parents. It’s something that I’m in the process of doing this very second, only we’re moving in with Pat’s parents and not my own. Since we got all the trips booked to both Malaysia and the USA to fall… Read more
April 29, 2011 · Continue Reading · 18
Day 111:  Looking for thrifty tips.

Day 111: Thrifty Thursday Recommends Having a Cheap Night Out

Day 111: Looking for thrifty tips.
Alcohol and travel are like ice cream and cherries; they just seem to go together. However, alcohol is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways for travelers to break their budgets. It’s definitely not a necessary evil, but it is sometimes hard to resist… so what can you do? Well, here on Thrifty… Read more
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world money

10 Before 30 Plan: Issue Number 2

I had a crazy dream the other night that my teeth were falling out. It was so distressing to have such a vivid memory of the feelings happening as my teeth started to get looser until finally they ended up in the palm of my hand. Stress. Anxiety. You name it, I felt it. It was only a dream,… Read more
November 28, 2010 · Continue Reading · 17

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