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Aroamas solid perfumes, no spills, no leaks, no worries

Adventures in Market Stalling

While not a travel adventure, market stalling has been a whirlwind of experiences, along with a great way to meet people from far and wide. I’ve learned a lot in the past year, and these little nuggets can also apply to other businesses, and (if you think about it) even blogging.

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carnival cruise pat and brooke

The Amazing, Floating Vegas

There’s something about Vegas… What would you say that is? The feeling of forgetting reality for a few days. The indulgence as you partake in buffets of tummy-filling, belt-loosening food. Pat and I got that vibe again a week ago.

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queen kapiolani hotel

Australia Has Killed the Budget Traveler in Me

It is one thing to evaluate prices for accommodation and travel in general relative to the area you are traveling in, but it is another to evaluate those in relation to the cost of living at home. I now perceive budget travel differently after living in Australia.

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brooke pat on the train

By the Time You Read This…

I’ll probably be on a jet plane leaving Bishkek… or more specifically… on a very long layover in Istanbul. More or less, Pat and I will be starting the long journey home — to Sydney.

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inside the black folder

What Not to Leave on a Train

This is the story of one of my worst rookie mistakes. Just yesterday, I set off in the morning (yes, I actually left the apartment) to visit the Russian Consulate in Sydney. With only a month to go before I hit the road for 3.5 months, I need to get this visa process going… and fast.

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the bed

Sydney Sleeps: The Cambridge Hotel in Surry Hills

I get emails all the time from people asking me where to stay in Sydney, so I think today’s post is going to kick off a new regular feature called “Sydney Sleeps”. First up: a review of the Cambridge Hotel in Surry Hills — a mix between young and old in a very convenient location.

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Saturday Snap: The Sydney Lights

Each year, Vivid Sydney lights up the city in art. Buildings become backdrops and colors are everywhere. This is a photo of a couple of friends walking towards the lights. If you like, share around!
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morning sunrise on beach

Best Tour You’ll Take in the Dark: The Moonwalk

We finally, after over 4 kilometers of walking along moonlit paths further enhanced by the glowsticks on our bodies, reached a peaceful waterhole in the middle of practically nowhere — or at least that’s how it felt.

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day 261 brooke at park

Day 261: Could This Be Spring?

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After all my whining about the chilly Sydney weather, the days filled with rain and dreary overcast skies, finally, the weather appears to be shaping up to the typical spring warmth one might expect when talking about Australia. Sunday was a day filled with lounging at the park, shopping, grabbing a coffee at Little Gem Cafe and heading over to

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Day 218: Eating Malaysian at Mamak, a Roti Lover’s Dream

My first real introduction with Malaysian food in Sydney occurred at Mamak a while back, and it has become a place I love to hit up for some reliable and tasty Malaysian to this day.
As part of the Malaysia Kitchen Blogger Ambassador… Read more program, Pat and I hit up Mamak last night before going out on the town. I think

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