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Train Food: A Little Less Than Fancy

Remember when I took the Trans-Mongolian train from China to Russia? Remember when I discussed why we worked with Real Russia to get those train tickets, and also the electricity situation while on-board?

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Are There Power Outlets on the Trans-Mongolian Train?

When you’re traveling long-term with limited gear in your bags and won’t be getting off a train for several days, you probably want to know a thing or two about the setup along the way… perhaps whether or not there are power outlets for you to charge your gear.

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Why We Chose to Work with Real Russia

Thinking about taking a train trip through Russia? Find out why we chose to work with Real Russia to help us plan our trip of a lifetime: a journey on the Trans-Mongolian railway.

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Brooke solo on the Sapsan train.

Our Atypical Trans-Mongolian Railway Route

As you all know, a big part of the Silk Roadistan tour was the big bad Trans-Mongolian railway journey. Before you ask: Yes, it was awesome. I plan to blog thoroughly about the trip in detail, but just to get you caught up, here is the atypical Trans-Mongolian railway route.

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The “Oh-My-God-I’m-Excited” Trip of 2012

Now that it’s the end of January (pretty much), I guess it’s time to start talking about my future travels that are actually coming up quite quickly! This trip includes Turkey, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, China, Russia, Mongolia and a tiny bit of Thailand.

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The Year in Travel: Where did you go in 2011?

My 2011 has been quite the adventure with several overseas trips and a couple of big ones here in Australia. In this post, I lay out what has happened in my 2011 travel life. Have a read, and then share yours!

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Day 182: Train to the Middle of Nowhere, Australia

I’m thinking about trains again. Can you believe it has already been 3 months since I crossed Australia on the Indian Pacific train… Read more? While I wrote about my experience a lot over on WhyGo Australia, I didn’t quite get around to sharing my little stories here.
For this post, I’d like to share some photos of what it’s like

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Day 85: Life is Easier on the Train

I got off the train today. After a 65 hour journey from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean, I picked up my cute little piece of luggage… Read more and waved bye to my little train manager and headed on my way into the unknown land of Perth. The whole process of getting to where I was going wasn’t a difficult one

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Day 84: Epic Train Journeys, Not For Everyone

House cracks me up sometimes. There was an episode a while back where they made fun of the way there are always shots of them walking down the hall discussing the patients because it gave the impression that they were moving forward, and that is a lot more exciting than sitting around at a table. I think this idea translates… Read more

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Day 82: On a Train with Luggage

I’m a backpack sort of girl, so much so that I can’t even remember the last time I used “real” luggage for a trip. Sometimes, I look at little rolling suitcases and laugh. “Ha! What a nightmare that must be to get through the streets, along sidewalks, over bumps and humps and gaps.” Other times, I’m at a loss when… Read more

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