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Day 270: The Saga of My Aussie Visa and My Aversion to Waiting

Patience has never been one of my virtues. Even as a kid I wanted immediate action and immediate satisfaction. What? You want me to wait until another day to go buy a new favorite toy? I’m not doing anything, and you’re not doing anything… let’s go now. It’s just the way I’ve always been, and it is a quality that… Read more
September 29, 2011 · Continue Reading · 27
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This stack of papers…

This stack of papers was a complete pain in the ass to put together. It took weeks of gathering, printing, questioning and writing. This stack of papers is official. There are medical records, police records and certified copies of passports and birth certificates thrown into the mix. This stack of papers is personal. Conversations I never thought anyone else would… Read more
October 21, 2010 · Continue Reading · 17
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International Relationships: Does someone always lose?

In a recent discussion with friends that have foreign partners, it came up that someone always has to lose in an international relationship. I guess this post is a little near and dear to my heart seeing how I’m in an international relationship, and I sure do know quite a few foreign girls that are currently residing in Australia because… Read more
July 9, 2010 · Continue Reading · 63

From Auckland to Sydney

I’m back in Sydney and finally getting myself settled and situated after my short hop over to New Zealand. I spent my time solely on the north of the north island on this trip – mainly because I was concerned I was going to have to make a doctor’s appointment to get my visa. Besides what I’ve already written, I… Read more
July 29, 2009 · Continue Reading · 0

Visa Woes

I changed my flight. Remember how in my last visa post I talked about wondering if a week would be enough time? Well, I had to make a decision yesterday and I didn’t think it would be sufficient. In spite of the research I had done asking many other people how long it took to get their working holiday visa… Read more
July 13, 2009 · Continue Reading · 2

New Zealand Visa Run Fun Fun

Ok, fine people, I’ll update my blog already 🙂 I guess I just do so much writing for work nowadays that I’m all blogged out when I’m at home, leaving this little blog hanging. I can’t even begin to pick a place to talk about, so I’ll just start with the present. I am in New Zealand! After spending four… Read more
July 9, 2009 · Continue Reading · 6

What the hell are you doing?!

I don’t know! I just really don’t know what I’m doing back here in Kaz-Stan, or Central Asia for that matter. When I booked a month for home it was just so cost-effective to get a round-trip ticket that I couldn’t pass it up. Plus that meant I could store some things with friends in Almaty (my super cute red… Read more
September 12, 2008 · Continue Reading · 3

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