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The Talayotic Sites of Menorca



Last week our excursion involved checking out all the Menorca talayotic sites around this side of the island. The talayotic people were the inhabitants of the island that started off living in caves, and later moved into stone villages. The Romans later came and used the talayotic people to their advantage as slingers (sling shot people) in their army. The cool part is they used lead shots, meaning that if they didn’t kill them from the shot, they would later die from lead poisoning!

A List of Talayotic Sites Around Menorca:

  • Cala Morell coastal settlement
  • Cova des Càrritx
  • Es Castellàs on Es Caparrot de Forma
  • Torre del Ram hypogeum
  • Biniai Nou hypogeums
  • Na Comerma de Sa Garita monument
  • Biniac Oriental naveta
  • Es Tudons naveta
  • Rafal Rubí northern naveta
  • Rafal Rubí southern naveta
  • Cala Morell necropolis
  • Necropolis and Es Castellet at Calescoves
  • Son Mercer de Baix naviform settlement
  • Binissafullet talayotic settlement
  • Cornia Nou talayotic settlement
  • Montefí talayotic settlement
  • Sa Cudia Cremada talayotic settlement
  • Sa Torreta talayotic settlement
  • Sant Augustí talayotic settlement
  • Talatí de Dalt talayotic settlement
  • Torralba d’en Salort talayotic settlement
  • Torre d’en Galmés talayotic settlement
  • Torrellafuda talayotic settlement
  • Torretrencada talayotic settlement
  • Trepucó talayotic settlement
  • Galliner de Madona hypostyle hall
  • So na Caçana sanctuaries
  • Son Olivaret tomb
  • Ses Roques Llises megalithic tomb
  • Torelló talayot
  • Trebalúger talayot
  • Torrellisar taula

A Talayotic Map of 32 Archaeological Points on Menorca:

talayotica map

This map is not in English, but it still should be easy to understand. Use this as a guide to getting a glimpse into the history of the Talayotic people of Menorca. Download it from the Menorca Talayotica site.

Our Excursion:

Here are some pictures of the caves and the talayotic villages we saw that day.




Here are some goofy pics of me in the caves:

bunny ears in cave

funny face in cave

The best part of the day came when we arrived at Cala Morell – the most gorgeous little town, reminding me of Greece, and where every photo taken is of post card quality. I can’t imagine a better place for a village than on the top of the cape. It was quite breathtaking and seriously made the excursion one of the best ever. I’ll just let the pictures talk for themselves.

house at cala morell

village at cala morell

adam at cala morell

cala morell


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  1. Justine Schoenman October 15, 2007 at 6:31 pm #

    Very cool pictures Love Mom


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