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The Exotic Foreigner: Shut up, or I will punch you in the face.


Look, I’ve been dealing with some anger issues lately. I’m not sure why, but I just keep wanting to punch people, things, ideas, whatever in the face. Oh, yeah, that would feel so good, or at least I think it would. It’s not like I’ve ever actually hit anyone in the face – on purpose – but there is that strange built-in instinct to resort to a fist when worked up.

Lately, it can be anything – bad weather, a stupid singer on Australian Idol (Toby was really, really bad), or a spider on my wall.

“This rain makes me want to punch it in the face!”

local girlHowever, there is one topic that always gets on my nerves, and that is when guys always talk about the exotic foreigner and how much hotter they are than other women.

I mean, it’s not like I’m jealous or anything. Psh, me? No way. But, it’s tough to always hear the same things, and it is super annoying when traveling. Back in the Baltic countries, there happened to be very few female travelers compared to the number of guys, so I was often the only girl in the crew that had to unwillingly become the listener to various conversations on sexy Eastern European women, or how Tallinn, Estonia had some crazy ratio of super models.

While teaching in Ukraine, I came across the realities of how large the mail-order-bride and wife shopping market really is over there for Western men looking for an exotic foreigner.

Even just on the internet, you find plenty of men ranting and raving about foreign women. Nomadic Matt, (sorry to single you out, Matt) for example, is not opposed to sharing little bits of his personal life and opinions on Twitter, and I do remember him stating once how he thought French women just exude sexiness (correct me if I’m wrong). Maybe this is true, but why? Is it the way they dress, walk, talk…?

Self-published author, Grant Lingel, openly shared his foreign women exploits in his book, “Imagine: A Vagabond Story,” and describes their beauty in detail, as well as other interesting encounters, like how he happened upon some topless Swedish (or other Scandinavian country) girls on the beach. Every man’s dream, right?

Helloooo? What about your good ol’ home girls back in America?!

Like I said, it’s not me that I’m angry about, but the group as a whole that gets pushed aside, and that’s what sucks. There are plenty of gorgeous women in America, and wherever for that matter, so its not the whole good looks thing that draws the men to swoon over the foreigners.

There is something about foreigners that makes us all – men and women – go a bit crazy.

What that is, I do not know. Perhaps it is the accents, or the culture, or maybe it is purely the idea. There is generally a stereotype of how people of other cultures look and act, and this could also play into how our mind perceives reality.

I mean, what is it that would draw an entire group of Australian men to go to a certain bar solely to search out Swedish girls? I was told this by an Australian friend of mine when I got to Sydney, and I immediately wanted to punch him in the face. Why were Swedish girls in particular a target? Is it like a forbidden fruit? There are plenty of beautiful and scantily clad Aussie girls out there to accommodate their needs, so my only thought was that they would hope the Swedish girls would also find them to be exotic foreigners, enhancing the chance for further engagements.

Oh, but when people openly use their foreign-ness to get something they want from the opposite sex… that’s a bit annoying.

I had another Aussie friend that, when traveling, exclaimed he was considered “exotic” and that’s why all the ladies loved him abroad. Gag me.

Look, I, too, have been entranced by the ideas of certain cultures having a certain type of guy, namely your typical Aussie bloke that we American girls melt over.

cute brooke n patAs soon as my girl friends in Ukraine found out I was going to Australia and had a nice Aussie man to hopefully meet up with while there, they were immediately jealous. It was a jealousy that all the American guys there were soon envious of, but I’m pretty sure they can all relax. I may have had a love for a good Australian guy in my day, but, hey, I’m not so sure those stereotypical visions in my head of how they typically are perceived are actually a splice of reality.

Just yesterday, I ran an interview with a Swedish girl in Australia on a working holiday visa. When she found out I had an Australian boyfriend, the conversation went a little like the following:

Swedish Girl: “So, is your boyfriend like one of those hot, tall, blond Aussie guys with a good body out at the beach surfing every day?”

Me: “If by tall and blond you mean an average height half-Asian who only prefers to go to the beach if he’s fishing… then yes.”

Swedish Girl: “Where are they all?!”

Her response here was hilarious to me because I have felt that the stereotypical Aussie man is just an idea – at least in Sydney – and she was obviously feeling the same way.

As the interview progressed with said Swedish girl, I found out that she did have a trick in order to save money while going out to the pubs and clubs around Sydney. She basically said she would seek out a nice Australian guy willing to buy her drinks all night.

The interview had to end early because I punched her in the face.


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12 Responses to The Exotic Foreigner: Shut up, or I will punch you in the face.

  1. Shannon OD November 11, 2009 at 9:23 am #

    Brooke, that is awesome. Your whole rant – I SO encountered that same issue overseas, and though I am a bit more of a pacifist 😉 it’s frustrating to hear the American men gush over “foreign beauties” just because they’re foreign. Love your tone in this piece….I think I would have wanted to punch the Swedish girl too by the end of that exchange!

    • Brooke November 12, 2009 at 6:41 pm #

      TY, Shannon! Good to see I’m not alone 😉

  2. brian from November 11, 2009 at 11:51 am #

    Don’t punch anyone out Brooke. Men gush over foreign women because we only WANT to see the stereotypical aspects of their personalities/looks/body type.

    I’ve been to Brazil and not all the women look like supermodels. But we sure hope they do.

    It’s the differences that make us interesting and in effect that means sexy.

    So what were foreign men saying about American women???

    • Brooke November 12, 2009 at 6:53 pm #

      But it’s only pretend punching in my mind, haha. I guess I have been the object of many people’s attention while traveling, especially in Central Asia, but I never heard what they were saying about American girls to their friends – perhaps the same in reverse. Good point.

  3. Richard November 11, 2009 at 11:28 pm #

    The image of face punching had me giggling the whole way through. 🙂

    I think its the exoticism that people like – the fact that the person comes from another culture and that it lends them an aura of interestingness. I reckon it cuts both ways – I have seen many South African guys fawning over US girls, simply because they are from another country, and (for some reason) by default more interesting.

  4. Legal Nomads November 14, 2009 at 2:53 am #

    While I agree with Brian that in other places it’s surely us North American women who are seen as exotic (I’m Canadian here but same idea), that doesn’t change the fact that every North American guy I meet travelling just has to go on and on about how great non-American women are. To me. I know it isn’t personal, but after about 11 mos? It gets on your nerves! 🙂

  5. Conrad November 14, 2009 at 6:02 pm #

    Guess it’s part of (human) evolution, it’s in our genes.

    To extend it’s gene pool it had to ‘intermarry’ outside of the local tribe. ‘Exotic’ just means your brain goes like : “hmmm, groovy different genes!”

    Not so romantic but probably true.

  6. Ben Lear November 20, 2009 at 6:07 am #

    What about British guys? I heard that they are pretty hot!!!! Tea and biscuits – what could be hotter?!

  7. Anthony July 13, 2010 at 5:53 pm #

    Although I don’t agree with every word, I found this post hillarious and entertaining. Aaaaah good old honest anger, I bet your keyboard is on fire. I must admit I was once captivated by a French lass, then I dated one and figured she was just the same, but with a different accent.


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