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The June Express 2012


All aboard!

The goal of The Monthly Express will be to get you from one month to the next in one quick and easy blog post. I’ll wrap up the best of the month, as well as give a rundown on upcoming news. Here goes!

tomsk to moskva

All aboard!

1st Stop: June Blogging

June’s travel schedule took me all the way from Mongolia back to Kyrgyzstan with the majority of that time spent riding the rails through Russia (with the support of our sponsors, Real Russia). It was extremely hectic, and while I didn’t have much time to blog, I was able to share a photo essay of Tomsk, Russia to show why I loved walking around there so much.

I finally got around to talking a little bit about the TBU conference we attended back in April in TBU — Totally Worth It and Key Takeaways from TBU Umbria.

When it comes to Kyrgyzstan, I find myself always answering the question of what there is here, so I took the time to explain myself in a post. If interested in seeing some of the rustic scenery, I suggest checking out my post outlining our Torugart Pass crossing from Kyrgyzstan to China.

As part of my sponsorship from Hostelworld, this month I covered some reviews of Cheers Hostel in Istanbul and Rodem House in Bishkek. As part of my sponsorship from, I put together a Pinterest post called, “Inspired by the Colors of the World” (it’s beautiful, so have a look).

And, if you ever wondered what would happened if you volunteered your seat away to an overbooked flight, you will love reading this guest post by John of Travel Rinse Repeat: How I earned $1200 in flight vouchers in one day.

2nd Stop: Weekend Snaps

There is nothing like an Australian sunset. This shot from Cooktown, Queensland is a real beauty, and I think many other people agreed.

cooktown sunset

3rd Stop: Favorite Comments

In response to my post on whether or not the London School in Bishkek is a real place:

Hi Brooke, I’m just a visitor who found your website randomly while trying to verify if the London School actually exists–I’m interested in teaching English there. Thanks for your testimonies and as an avid traveler myself, I’m looking forward to reading about your other travel stories!


favorite moment from Mongolia

One of my favorite moments from Mongolia.

4th Stop: Guest Blogging and Writing Elsewhere

See where else I’ve been writing on the Web:

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5th Stop: What’s Hot on Facebook

This question: How often do you write by hand?

upcoming news

Upcoming News at BvtW

6th Stop: BvtW News

Like I said, we’re back in Kyrgyzstan for the next few weeks before starting the long journey back to Sydney. We’re going to visit Osh in the south and maybe Lake Issyk-Kul in the east. I’ll be writing like mad to get caught up, but c’mon, that’ll probably never happen! Ha! I have so many great stories to share, so stay tuned friends.


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