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The May Express 2012


All aboard!

The goal of The Monthly Express will be to get you from one month to the next in a quick and easy blog post. I’ll wrap up the big posts of the month, share some of my favorite comments, link to guest posts and articles I’ve written elsewhere, talk about what’s popular on the Facebook page, as well as give a rundown on upcoming news. Here goes!

all aboard

All aboard!

1st Stop: May Blogging

The past month has been a whirlwind of travel – from Kyrgyzstan to China and finally Mongolia! In Kyrgyzstan, I recovered from being sick and sent Pat out to do the shopping, which definitely resulted in not one, but many funny language situations. After that, we chased the magic, and followed more of the route of the Silk Road, down through the Torugart Pass and on to Kashgar in China. China has been one crazy experience after another, and I can’t stop being shocked by the ass-less pants!

Meanwhile, we reminisced about past travels. I professed my new love for Turkey in Turkey, You Get Me, and I explain how amazingly awesome our Intrepid Travel tour of Cappadocia was (bad biking incident aside).

As part of my sponsorship with Hostelworld, I review the Anzac Hotel Chain in Canakkale, Turkey. As part of my sponsorship from, I point out some of the great deals, discounts and contests.

Oh, and travelers that love a good European shopping trip will find the latest Thrifty Thursday post by Jo Karnaghan a Godsend: How I Saved 150 Euro on VAT in Europe.

2nd Stop: Weekend Snaps

I think the favorite of this month’s Weekend Snaps was the Old Town in Warsaw pic. It’s just the perfect European scene in my opinion.

warsaw old town

3rd Stop: Favorite Comments

Stop temporarily closed. (Sorry, leaving in 2 minutes for a Mongolian tour without Internet!)

ulan batar

We are currently in Ulan Batar!

4th Stop: Guest Blogging and Writing Elsewhere

See where else I’ve been writing on the Web:

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Go Girl Guides:
Girls that Go! An Interview with Brooke Schoenman

5th Stop: What’s Hot on Facebook

A really good discussion is happening over on Facebook in regards to this question: What is your tipping policy?

Coming from a tipping society with excellent service, I really don’t mind it at all… in fact, I prefer that. I want to show people that they did a great job and give them the motivation to continue doing so. But, I can also see the benefits of not. What do you think?

upcoming news

Upcoming News at BvtW

6th Stop: BvtW News

June for BvtW is going to be predominantly focused on the Trans-Mongolian train ride through Russia. We’ll be stopping off at Irkutsk and Lake Baikal, Tomsk, Kazan, Moscow and St. Petersburg. This should take us towards the end of the month, which is when Pat and I will leave Tony and Paula to venture back to Kyrgyzstan for a few more weeks.

Hard to believe we’re on the downward roll of the trip hill now, but it has been long and good if I do say so myself.

In the meantime, I’ve been struggling to get my latest FTU newsletter out, but that should happen in the next week. Also, keep your eyes peeled for another BvtW project coming your way.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts talking about my time at TBU, more hostel reviews, gear reviews and then some!


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