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Day 117: The NEW Travel Massive

Day 117:  Travel Massive at Scubar

Day 117: Travel Massive at Scubar

For the past year, Sydney Travel Tribe has been an integral part of my social calendar. Once a month, the people around Sydney that are involved in the travel industry, whether it be owners of big companies to fresh start-ups or simply travel bloggers to travelers passing through, get together once a month to hang out, have some beers and chat. Ultimately, it is a networking event, but one much more relaxed and open than many others on the market.

We’ve been going strong here in Sydney, and the initiative had taken off around the world with Melbourne, London, San Francisco, Toronto and New York City all making the event local. It’s a non-profit gathering that started out simply with a couple of friends meeting for drinks and later turned into a worldwide trend.

Only just a couple of months ago we (well, Ian) were hit with a cease and desist letter from a lawyer demanding we stop using the Travel Tribe name and hand over money — any we made and then some for lawyer fees. WTF much? Non-profit?

Anyways, after a couple of months of debating, Ian finally got us started on a new name: Travel MASSIVE! We have the name, the domain and I must say I quite like how it is all shaping up. Travel Massive!

The first Sydney Travel Massive event went down last night at Scubar, a typical backpacker bar near Central Station. We had most of the normal crew along with a couple of new faces — one being fellow traveler Joel Ward. There was also a new rep for as well as joining us for the festivities.

We got wristbands for drink discounts, we played pool and we even went out for our normal after hours Korean feast.

Along the way, we may have had a few beers and picked up some stragglers here and there (see daily photo). I also have a tendency to bust out the thumbs when I’m feeling happy.

travel massive group

Travel Massive plays out a bit differently in all the cities around the world, but the general concept is the same. If you love travel, and love talking about it, be sure to check it out… or heck, start a Travel Massive in your city (contact the group to get more details).


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2 Responses to Day 117: The NEW Travel Massive

  1. Annie April 28, 2011 at 7:38 pm #

    Love it! I’m glad you guys didn’t let it break your spirit!

    I wanted to start a travel tribe here in Florence but never got around to it, so now I’m excited to get to Sydney and check it out!

  2. Brooke April 29, 2011 at 2:08 pm #

    When are you coming to Sydney?!

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