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Thrifty Thursday: Get 10% (or more) Off Select Organized Tours


Last week on Thrifty Thursday, we covered the way to get a huge discount off of an organized tour. Katrina shared how she saved thousands on a Kumuka tour just by shopping around and diligently doing her homework before finally finding a tour reseller with a big sale.

Yes, it did seem like a lot of time and effort – something we all might not have or want to put in to the search – but there is a quick and easy way to at least save 10% off a tour without much effort at all.

Ten percent might sound like chump change to some, but when the price of an organized tour is over a thousand dollars, that 10% immediately gives you $100+ to put back into your pocket. Can you say hello new travel outfit with that dough? Or maybe you’d like to use that extra change to buy 25 hours of language lessons in Kyrgyzstan? It really adds up!

Well, the quick and easy way to do this would be to book your organized tour through (current BvtW site sponsors) as they always give at least a minimum of 10% discount on the tours they resell – those which can include Intrepid Travel and Kumuka tours.


The 12 day Turkey Active tour by Intrepid Travel on the Intrepid Travel website sells for $1189 AUD, while sells the same tour for just $1069 AUD.

That’s $120 savings easy!

But, just like Katrina said, it is also good to shop around and keep on top of your favorite travel booking sites because big deals might pop up from time to time. In fact, just this month on, they are offering a whopping 40% off their Kumuka tours! (Ends April 30th so hurry)


The 10 day Highlights of Egypt tour was originally $1790 but selling for $1074 with the discount.

That’s $716 in savings!

I know in the past I have talked about my preference to choose independent travel over organized tours, but I will say that organized tours do have a time and a place. Katrina mentioned that it helped her as a solo female traveler to get out there and venture to places around the world with more comfort and confident, which I also think is a great choice for the nervous female (like me!). Besides that, they just might open the doors for activities you wouldn’t do otherwise. I’ll be sharing more on my views on this topic in coming posts.

In the meantime: Happy saving!

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Thrifty Thursday is seeking guest bloggers to share their very own mind-blowing budget-busting travel tips. DIY tours and gear, extreme savings, how-to-have-a-$25-travel-day posts — anything that shows the numbers and is not your standard “don’t eat out” type tips are welcome. Contact Brooke.


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