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Day 104: Thrifty Thursday Recommends Making Your Own Camera Bag

Day 104:  My Trusty Pink Tee

Day 104: My Trusty Pink Tee

Hey all! It’s Thrifty Thursday (well it should have been Thursday but I had to run errands in the city this morning), and that means this post is going to be about being thrifty and resourceful (not cheap… we don’t like that word) so that you can save money and do more travel. This is the first, so we’ll see how it goes and continue if you all find it useful!

Like I’ve said in many posts now, I’m pretty resourceful and thrifty. It is in my blog’s tagline now, too. I make my life work around my love for travel, and sometimes that means giving up on luxuries such as big shopping sprees. Yep, that pink shirt in the daily photo is actually the sister shirt of one of the green shirts that have traveled with me around the world. Only $5, and it’s still going strong!

And now on to the fun stuff… your stuff… your thrifty stuff that makes me want to hug puppies and bake chocolate chip cookies because it fills me with so much joy.

Bethany Shares Making A Totally Awesome Camera Bag That Doesn’t Look Like a Camera Bag

With $36 and a bit of creativity, Bethany shows us that having a killer camera bag doesn’t have to come with a huge price tag. She made one from a $7 Walmart bag! That’s totally what I’m talking about!

How does she make it work?
Condensed version below. Please see the official post on Beers & Beans to get all the details.

First: I snapped a padded shoulder strap onto the already existing metal areas for the original strap.

Second: This bag has 1 large zippered pocket and 2 smaller open pockets inside. Turns out the zippered pocket fits my credit cards, ID, passport and memory cards. I use the open interior pockets for easy grab items like filters, business cards and a pen.

Third: This bag is super thin and has NO padding at all. So while I was in Walmart, I headed over to the bedroom department and bought a twin egg crate mattress for $9. I went home and cut off a section that fit perfectly into my bag. Instant padding!

Fourth: This bag already had a zipper enclosure, and as an added bonus it’s also a long bag so the top actually flips down over the side. I love this because it really doesn’t look like a camera bag at all and if I need to put more items in there I can just extend the top and magically double my space!

And just to take it a step further, Beth adds this little bit:

Waterproof your gear if you can. I always get caught in rainstorms, so I carry around a duck back from REI as well (around $15) and I simply cover my bag with it.

When I first read this post, it made me smile. Thank you, Beth, for sharing your thrifty goodness with the world! See the bag in action >>

If you have a thrifty tip to share, drop me a line. It can be anything from making your own gear or making your own tour. You can contribute a short excerpt, or you can also give me a link to one of your fantastic and thrifty posts that I will share as above.


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  1. bethany April 17, 2011 at 3:37 pm #

    Ahhh… Yah! Glad you liked the post and it’s resourcefulness! Thanks for featuring it here Brooke :)

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