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Day 111: Thrifty Thursday Recommends Having a Cheap Night Out

Day 111:  Looking for thrifty tips.

Day 111: Looking for thrifty tips.

Alcohol and travel are like ice cream and cherries; they just seem to go together. However, alcohol is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways for travelers to break their budgets. It’s definitely not a necessary evil, but it is sometimes hard to resist… so what can you do?

Well, here on Thrifty Thursday, I like to point out the tips and tricks that travelers use to make their money go further and still have fun because — let’s face it — who wants to just give up those cocktails and beers completely.

Cheap Night Out Tips

A great post I just read came from Candice Walsh through a guest post on Don’t Ever Look Back called 7 ways to have a cheap night out. Thank you, Candice, for your witty insights and know-how to help us all continue our wild ways and spend less doing it.

One of the more interesting tips (although I don’t recommend doing it):

This one is courtesy of Cosmo magazine…which, now that I think about it, I’m embarrassed to have read. Find an empty beer bottle, fill it up in the bathroom with lukewarm water, and return it to the bar complaining it was served warm. Voila, icy cold, free beer. Even if you’re a sleazebag for doing so.

If you happen to be around the Sydney area, I wrote a post a while ago on WhyGo Australia called Ways to Save Money on Drinking in Sydney. There are a few Sydney only type of tips, but the rest can be applied almost anywhere.

One of the more interesting tips is to drink “goon” (boxed/bagged wine) since it is cheap but also turns into a multi-purpose item:

Besides being cheap, goon is stored in a special silver bladder that actually helps it to stay fresher longer and to not break if dropped like other alcohol beverages might. And, when you’re done with the drink, you can use the silver bag as a pillow…

I found a post on a non-travel blog, Studenomics, that makes a very good point about saving money on nights out, and it just might be something some people tend to overlook until… it’s too late.

The post is called Saving Money When Drinking Alcohol, and the tip of interest is to pick your location ahead of time:

Sometimes when you go out, you plan to just go with the flow. That’s cool and all but when you realize how much money you spent on taking cabs around town, you’ll wish that you did some planning before the night started.

Sure, there are tons of other “save money on drinking” posts out there, but I thought this would be a list of some points that aren’t always mentioned. I think that going out when traveling is part of what makes it fun, but we shouldn’t blow all our dough doing it.

Thrifty Thursday is now happening each week, so if you have a post or a tip to share, please drop me a line. It can cover DIY tours, making your own gear or just plain old “pulling one over on THE MAN“. Looking forward to all you have to share!


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