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Top Five Reasons to Get Away to Hawaii


Travelers often talk about the allure of tropical destinations: the sunny climates, beaches, and local laid-back attitude that make them superior to all other vacation spots. That allure is especially strong in the islands of Hawaii, where tourism is a primary industry and the stunning natural scenery is world-renowned. But if you need a little more motivation to make Hawaii your destination, here’s a list of the top five reasons why Hawaii is the ideal spot for getting away from it all.

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1. It’s a State

If you’re a U.S. citizen, Hawaii is a rare tropical destination where you won’t require a passport. This might seem trivial, but this can actually alleviate a lot of vacation-planning stress: There’s no need to coordinate passports and visas, or convert your dollars into foreign currency and wrangle with exchange rates. Best of all, most domestic cell-phones will work in Hawaii, so you can stay connected with your friends and loved ones on the mainland.

2. The Pacific

The Pacific Ocean provides the islands of Hawaii with some of the best surfing and scuba diving in the world. Its pristine blue waters are home to coral reefs, tropical fish, dolphins and even whales, as well as being home to some of the world’s most awe-inspiring sunsets. Hawaii has literally hundreds of beaches, and all of them provide their own unique surfing experience — meaning that whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s a wave out there for you.

3. Outdoor Activities

There are about 150 distinct ecosystems on the islands of Hawaii, which makes them perfect for outdoorsy types. High-thrill activities like skydiving and zip lining can be found across the islands, as well as horseback riding on ranches in lush valleys. Hiking trails abound, and because there are several state parks on every island, there are trails and camping sites across a range of natural environments.

4. The Cultural Melting Pot

Beyond gourmet options, there’s no shortage of exotic fare on the islands — a blend of cuisines and unique dishes, drinks and fruits you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. Because Hawaii lies at the crossroads of the Pacific Ocean, its food reflects influences from numerous countries, from Japan, China, and the Philippines to Spain and America. These global influences are also reflected in the diversity of Hawaiian music, art and architecture.

5. Relaxation Supreme

Hawaii is known for its “aloha spirit,” and local businesses are famous for providing the best possible service for their customers. Hawaiian hotels like Aqua Resorts strive to impress through their service as much as through their proximity to natural scenery and night life. The tourist industry and mellow attitude on the islands mean that there are plenty of outlets for relaxing — whether you want to spend a morning quietly meditating in a scenic garden, being pampered at a spa, or practicing tai chi on the beach.

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