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The Tramuntana Winds of Menorca


tramuntana winds

I am finally adjusted to life back home after a month-long archaeological dig, but still have a few stories to tell of my adventures in Spain and Menorca.

But I almost didn’t expect to make it off the island to start the big trip back home. Why? Because of the Tramuntana winds.

From day one we were told about the Tramuntana winds that can pound the island – stopping all work from proceeding. It’s hard to imagine, but we’re talking like tropical storm winds, up to 100 mph at times. The first time the Tramuntana winds made their mark was with a little storm and a lot of COLD weather!

I remember getting up to use the back bathroom in the middle of the night. The room that leads there has no windows, so not only could I see it, but I could feel it as well. The trees looked just like on the weather channel when they are covering a hurricane – very eerie.

Just to give you an idea of the winds that pound the island, take a look at how the trees are growing by the EcoMuseu:

slanted trees

slanted trees2

Now you can see why I was fearing not making it off the island! The winds were blowing, yet I somehow managed to not be blown into the sea on Halloween. Lucky me!

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