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Traveling with Jewelry (and other things that make you look cute)


Being a girl and planning for extended travels can cause a lot of headaches when trying to decide what should go on your RTW packing list. There’s a fine line between choosing what’s practical and what looks cute, and trust me, even though I’m a low maintenance jeans-and-t-shirts type of gal, the decision was not easy.

I chose to go more with the practical side of things, making my load as light as possible. Honestly, this choice suits most situations on the road, but there are always those awkward moments when you decide you want a nice meal or to go out to a bar and you are only one wearing worn-out clothes. I also find it quite annoying when other girls in the hostel ask you to go out with them just to find out that they have magically transformed their tired backpacker gear into the hottest club-hopping outfits imaginable. Really, how do they do it?!

But, no matter how awkward I feel while hostel surfing, going with a practical (and lighter) route is the decision I stick by, and it relates to everything I take from clothes and shoes to jewelry and make-up. As for jewelry in particular, I don’t take anything I can’t afford to lose, and I usually restrict my adornments to things I’ve purchased cheaply in the markets. I really enjoy that, outside my laptop and cameras, I don’t have much of true value in my bag, meaning its less that I have to worry about!

On the flip side, I usually find that when I stay put for a while, I really start to feel out of place. I’ve been in Australia for a total of like 6 months now (can you believe it?!) and my wardrobe and jewelry have been upped a notch… well maybe moreso the jewelry. Since I have a home that’s not currently being carried on my back, I like to live outside my packing rules and carry a larger spread. This is where my recent community college course comes into play. My eight week class just ended, but I have been left with two more additions (see Saturn) to my repertoire.

Behold: My “Stormy” set.



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2 Responses to Traveling with Jewelry (and other things that make you look cute)

  1. Beth October 11, 2009 at 4:26 pm #

    ooh That’s cute! I also have to say I completely agree with having little bits to dress yourself up a bit with. I have decided I am traveling with a couple really cool pair of earrings and a pretty scarf. Sometimes you really need a few things that make you feel like a girl again.

    • Brooke October 12, 2009 at 9:32 am #

      That sounds like a good plan to me 🙂

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