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Visa Woes


I changed my flight.

Remember how in my last visa post I talked about wondering if a week would be enough time? Well, I had to make a decision yesterday and I didn’t think it would be sufficient.

In spite of the research I had done asking many other people how long it took to get their working holiday visa for Oz, I had a feeling mine would take longer. See, for them, it took like 2 days to get back, so if you figure that I put my application in last Wednesday evening, one would think I would have gotten my visa yesterday. However, DIAC’s inability to take a full look at my situation the first time they updated my status has led it to still not be completed.

Like I said before, they wanted me to get another chest x-ray even though I already had one in January that should be valid. I even had Patrick call DIAC for me on Friday to make sure this fact was known, however, they still didn’t update the status until yesterday that I no longer need the x-ray. Since processing probably officially started after that moment, I had to figure it would be 48 hrs at least from that time until the visa is approved (or not), and that meant that I had to change my flight.

I know I should be happy about the extended stay, right? But, to be honest, I just haven’t felt New Zealand. For starters, NZ feels like an outdoorsy type of place, and its just bloody cold! Besides this, a lot of the beautiful scenery is better accessible by driving around, another activity that would be better done if I were with other people and renting a vehicle. And, its just more of the money I had finally started to save in Oz, in hopes of exploring Oz, that I’m spending.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to do New Zealand, but I would have to do it under different circumstances so I can really experience it. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by too much adventure in the past. There’s nothing like the thrill of getting from point A to B when you don’t know the language in a strange foreign country, but here, its just too easy 😉

I’m off people! I need to make some travel plans now!


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  1. Peetor August 23, 2009 at 4:06 am #

    Hey! blam. yeah I still read your stuff 😉 Im in georgia.. had to leave cuz of schengen visa.. so gay. Everything is set up for the hostel. you will see it soon! WISH YOU THE BEST!!


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