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Why I Love Flying, Plus Spain Likes and Dislikes


why i love flying

I’ve been in Spain for a few days now and have a lot of likes and dislikes, but first let’s recap on the adventure of getting here.

Lucky me, no rain came later in the day that I was to leave Chicago, so my flight took off on time. I also managed to go all carry-on! Go me!

On the plane, I had a lot of time to remember just why I love flying.

Why I Love Flying:

  • My seat had its own personal tv with access to movies, tv shows, and video games! I spent half the night rocking out to some techno dance music while I played invader.
  • People bring you stuff, like food and drinks whenever you ask.
  • It gives you time to think.

But… Reasons I Hate Flying:

  • I can never sleep on the long overnight flights… ever. I have been sleep-deprived for two days now.
  • I hate sitting so close to other people! The dude I was sitting next to decided it would be cool to take sleeping pills and alcohol together. He spent most of the flight sleeping, while his dad would come over and stick his armpit in my face to fix his pillow. I seriously could not tell how old this guy was (thinking my age) until later he explains he is the head of a hand surgery practice! More on the hand surgery portion later. I hate sitting so close to people because you feel uncomfortable not being able to move around too much. I also hate having to ask people to get up when I need to use the restroom, but I do know the proper way to do that. This guy ONLY asked at the MOST inconvenient times – during BOTH meals. I mean seriously? You’re going to ask me to move my food around so you can get up now and not in 5 minutes??!!!
  • Walking through the security center, you might as well just walk through naked. You practically have to undress to get through as it is. Let’s just save everyone the hassle of seeing teaser ass-cracks and take it all off.

So there’s my take on flying. Now let me tell you about all the other likes and dislikes I have discovered while in Spain.

The Grocery Store Likes:

  • I was very glad to see my friend the Happy Hippo at the store, and now in a new chocolate flavor. The only reason holding me back from getting them is they come in packs of 5, and lets face it, I had a hard time last time I was in Europe resisting temptations, such as hippos, bueno bars, vino, and gelato. There will be no plump Brooke this time around! (Ok, so when I started writing this I hadn’t bought any, but I broke down yesterday and bought the 5 pack. I made sure to share with my roommates though.)
  • Coke Light is back and better than ever in a new ‘al limon’ flavor that completely rocks my socks!!!

The Grocery Store Dislikes:

  • I was not so excited to see a guy hardcore picking his nose in the check-out lane. It made me want to barf.

Fashion Likes:

  • It is fashionable for girls to have dreadlocks, even just one or two long dreads here and there. Kind of cool.
  • Chuck Taylors are all the rage. It kind of makes me wish I didn’t throw all mine out last year!

Fashion Dislikes:

  • The 80s is here in full-force. People like tapered leg pants, and if their pants aren’t tapered enough, they tie stuff around the ankles to make them so.
  • I’ve seen people dreadlocking their mullets!

Barcelona Likes:

  • The city is really beautiful with lots of colorful buildings and palm trees.

Barcelona Dislikes:

  • All the fountains are turned off? Is that a September thing?
  • Everyone tries to talk to me in Spanish, (or Danish on the flight over) even after I make it clear I don’t know it.

Train Likes:

  • I love riding the rails. It is such a relaxing ride!

Train Dislikes:

  • I always fall asleep. The ticket guy scared the crap out of me when he came by and woke me up.

Now let me tell you a funny story I heard on the plane from Mr. Hand Surgeon. It goes a little something like this:

A guy came into his place of work with all four fingers on each hand cut off at the 2nd knuckles. They fix him up then ask how this happened. The guy explains that he was mowing and wanted to trim the bushes, so he picked up the lawn mower and was using it very successfully… until he forgot his hands were there. Seems pretty dumb, right? Mr. Hand Surgeon just said that everyone is dumb.

He continued the story by saying that someone else came in after that with the very same affliction. They asked the guy how it happened. The 2nd guy stated he was driving home and saw his neighbor trimming the bushes with the mower….

Funny, eh?!



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